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    Announcing Indigo's Carbon Payment Rate for the 2020 and 2021 Crops

    August 29, 2022

    Fresh on the heels of our milestone carbon credit issuance, Indigo Ag is pleased to announce that we are paying $30 per credit to Carbon by Indigo farmers for verified credits produced and sold in both the 2020 and 2021 carbon crop years. This includes the carbon credits just issued in June 2022 and the credits expected to be issued in early 2023.

    This finalization of the 2020 crop payment rate follows Indigo’s recent production and sale of the first registry-issued agricultural carbon credits at scale. Showing dramatic growth in the value of Indigo’s credits, this payment rate is three times as high as Indigo initially guaranteed farmers when we first launched Carbon by Indigo.

    Following nearly $1 million of initial payments made to farmers in September 2021 for the 2020 crop, this fall Indigo will pay farmers second vesting payments for the 2020 crop as well as initial payments for the 2021 crop.

    Indigo’s high payment rate is based on the strength and momentum of our program and reflects increasing market demand for our credits. With Carbon by Indigo, farmers receive at least 75% of the average buyer price for each carbon crop. They benefit from market upside as the price of Indigo’s high-quality carbon credits rises, with the peace of mind of a guaranteed minimum rate.

    Enrollment for the 2023 carbon crop is now open. Farmers can sign up directly with Indigo or with participating local partners.

    For anyone wondering whether this is the right time to start in a carbon program, here are a few reasons to begin now:

    • Income today and growth tomorrow: With at least 75% of the credit revenue, you can enjoy current carbon income and benefit from future carbon price increases.
    • Maximize production when prices are even higher: By starting now, you’ll produce more carbon credits when prices could be even higher and avoid missing out on income. It takes time to ramp up carbon credit production, so starting now optimizes your profitability potential.
    • Broad range of programs: Whether you want to produce carbon credits or generate premiums for sustainably grown crops, Indigo has the technology, expertise, and buyers to help you maximize income and flexibility.
    • Agronomic guidance and resources: Indigo provides free agronomic resources to help you maximize your success.
    • Working with a trusted partner: Indigo is becoming recognized as the standard setter and leader in the carbon and sustainability market.  We’re established, proven, and trusted by industry leaders like Corteva, GROWMARK, and Landus.

    To learn more or sign up, please visit Carbon by Indigo. And if you’re at the Farm Progress Show during 8/30-9/1, stop by lot 577 to say hello and talk with experts about Carbon by Indigo and our other programs and products.


    A number of variables can affect outcomes on any particular land. Indigo does not guarantee any results with respect to agronomic outcomes, financial or profitability outcomes, carbon dioxide equivalents sequestered, carbon credits generated or amount or eligibility of payments with respect to any individual landowner or operator. Program payments are on a performance basis and subject to the generation of verifiable carbon credits arising from grower participation, multi-year vesting of payments, a 20% buffer pool of credits that are not eligible for payment, and the other terms and conditions set forth in the program agreement. Additional terms apply. Participation and enrollment in Carbon by Indigo is subject to eligibility requirements and acceptance of program terms and conditions.

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