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    Agriculture's Role in a Company's Sustainability Journey

    November 3, 2023



    It was such a pleasure to sit down with Kendra Pedley, US Food & Beverage Lead at Quantis, for an insightful and wide-ranging conversation about how companies approach sustainability as an integrated transformational journey, tradeoffs, and the time horizons they consider.

    Supporting and empowering farmers as entrepreneurs to make sustainable agriculture a key solution for the planet will need broad commitments across food, feed, and fiber supply chains—and an honest recognition of the ultimate “who pays” question. Determining these answers might not be easy, but we have great success stories to build on, as well as the collective expertise to bring them to greater scale.

    As discussed with Kendra, the transition to sustainable farming is a profoundly human journey that needs to make sense for each field, farm, people who work the land, as well as each of us around the world who are the ultimate consumers of food, fiber, and energy that agriculture produces.

    I hope this conversation on where farming and sustainability meet will help transmit our passion and optimism for what is to come, and the call to action to make it a reality at scale!