Indigo Transport

A digital freight solution streamlining dry bulk shipping operations.

Inefficiencies in transportation cost the agriculture industry billions each year

The entire supply chain experiences pain points with the outdated state of transportation. Shippers face inefficient logistics and difficulty finding trucks, while carriers deal with time-consuming and cumbersome processes. The technology-enabled Indigo Transport® platform connects carriers with shippers to move dry bulk goods more efficiently.

We can help support your needs whether finding the best truck for each load or optimizing more efficient routes. The platform enables:

  • Simplicity: Shippers and carriers experience a seamless way of optimally matching loads 
  • Efficiency: Streamline operations with digital fleet management, real-time delivery tracking, document management, and more. 
  • Connection: Quickly identify the best truck for each load; shippers have access to surge capacity, and carriers have access to demand generated via Indigo Marketplace demand generated via Indigo Marketplace. 
  • Reliability: Carriers are vetted for the quality of their equipment and services, assuring  farmers and shippers can reliably ship with confidence. 
  • Farmer Profitability: Farmers have the means to transfer grain anywhere and access to a wider geography of buyers in Indigo Marketplace. 

Whether you're a shipper looking to deliver with confidence or a carrier looking to expand your business opportunity, learn more below about how the Indigo Transport platform works. 

How it works Step 1

CONNECT: Shippers and carriers provide matching criteria

Loads are matched based on capacity and preferences, either within a shipper’s private network or amongst the broader Indigo carrier network.

How it works Step 2

PLAN: Delivery details are digitally organized

Assign fleet and easily manage and reference orders - sorting by driver, date, or location in the Indigo Transport portal.

How it works Step 3

TRACK: Loads are delivered, with real-time visibility

View in-transit delivery status, GPS-tracked via the Indigo Driver app, for anytime status updates without check-calls.

How it works Step 4

SETTLE: Digital payment is promptly processed

Drivers upload documentation digitally for quick and easy payment submission.


What is the Indigo Transport platform? How does it work?

The Indigo Transport platform connects a network of carriers to farmers and shippers for flexible and efficient logistics management.

For Farmers

The Indigo Transport service offers hassle-free grain delivery service for farmers. If enrolled in Indigo Marketplace, farmers can choose to have their grain picked up and delivered for all Marketplace bids and Indigo will handle the logistics. 

Learn more about Indigo Transport for farmers.

For Carriers

The Indigo Transport platform enables ag carriers to quickly and easily find and confirm loads. Exclusive loads are sourced from Indigo Marketplace, an online grain transaction platform connecting thousands of farmers and grain buyers across the country. Those loads, along with others sourced from third-party partners, are aggregated on the Indigo Transport platform for you to access when you need them. 

To get started, log in to the Indigo Transport Carrier Portal or give our Carrier Desk a call at 1-833-LOAD-HELP to manage your fleet and process your orders with Indigo, all of which have upfront pricing based on destination, trip distance, and season. Once you book and confirm a load, we’ll send you all the details you’ll need for successful delivery. Once you complete delivery, just send us a snapshot of your proof of delivery and we’ll pay you quickly and accurately.

Learn more about the Indigo Transport platform for carriers.

For Shippers

The Indigo Transport platform provides full-service agriculture logistics management for shippers looking to quickly and easily source delivery of dry bulk commodity freight. Find the best truck for each load, within your private carrier base or by tapping into our open and active carrier network featuring local, reliable carriers vetted for safety and compliance. 

Each carrier has access to a web portal and mobile app, with an ability to quickly and easily find and book loads based on their preferences. Carriers digitally receive all the details needed for a successful pick-up and delivery, and seamlessly upload documentation. In-transit loads are visibly tracked real-time via GPS.  

Learn more about the Indigo Transport platform for shippers.

What type of carriers do you work with? What is your vetting process for carriers?

Our platform enables you to work with your regular, trusted carriers, or access our open and active carrier network for surge capacity. Our carriers are locally-based, independent agricultural trucking businesses. Each of our carriers is evaluated for safety, sufficient insurance coverage, and are subject to food safety transportation policies. We employ third-party service providers to vet and monitor every one of our carriers on an ongoing basis.

What type of freight is currently moved via the Indigo Transport platform?

Current freight includes corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, and other non-grain, dry bulk commodity freight that can be transported via hoppers such as salt, gravel, and sand.

Can farmers hire Indigo Transport to deliver grain or other types of freight outside of Indigo Marketplace?

Yes, just give us a call at 1-833-LOAD or email us at and tell us about the loads you’re looking to ship.

Offer is subject to contract and Indigo’s terms and conditions. Indigo Transport provides a full-service software-based solution for managing shipments of agricultural commodities; Indigo Transport is not a carrier nor does Indigo Transport fulfill shipping opportunities.

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