Eda's experience and expertise in the biologicals and specialty chemicals industry includes over 20 years of market-driven and customer-focused product development and commercialization globally and regionally, technology transfers, integration of acquisitions, leadership and organizational development, and work in technical, business, and trade organizations. 

Eda lead global research and products development for Becker Underwood which was acquired by BASF in 2012. She was responsible for its BioStacked technology platform development and technical aspects of commercialization. At BASF Eda was responsible for Seed Solutions technologies integration, directing Seed Solutions developments in Americas and technical collaborations with strategic customers. 

Eda has lead collaborative initiatives with US EPA, Health Canada PMRA and participated in OECD working groups. She has served as a President and Board member of Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers. She is a Vice Chair of Board of Directors of Biopesticide Industry Alliance. Eda has MBA from Iowa State University College of Business and MS in Chemistry from Tartu University, Estonia.

"I was drawn to a rare opportunity at Indigo, one that motivates me each and every day — a mission to harness nature to help farmers sustainably feed the world. Our mission combines purpose with practicality, and provides us with an opportunity to conduct great science that has the potential to transform how farming is being done."