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    Dario Maffei serves as Chief Business Officer at Indigo Ag where he leads the company’s global field teams and enables new partnerships in Market+, Carbon, and Biological products. 

    Dario joined Indigo in 2019 as Vice President of Global Hedging and later as Head of Latin America. In these roles, Dario instituted and optimized strategies for bringing harvests to market, enabling growers to earn more for their grain, and built-up Indigo’s operations across Brazil and Argentina.  

    A veteran of the grain trading industry, Dario is recognized as a respected leader and innovator in global agribusiness. Prior to joining Indigo, Dario spent 16 years at Cargill in both Latin America and the U.S. As South American Commercial Manager, Dario was tasked with integrating different aspects of the business within the agriculture supply chain to add value to growers’ operations. Several other leadership roles in the company’s sales and business development departments gave Dario experience throughout different geographies, including the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. His experience in this role and as Indigo’s Head of Latin America proves Dario’s ability to identify, develop, and execute on opportunities to enhance competitiveness, increase revenues, and improve customer service offerings across the world. 

    Dario is a graduate of La Plata University in Argentina, where he received his B.A. in business administration, and the Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he completed a strategy and business development accelerator program. 

    "Indigo empowers me to serve as an active change agent in agriculture. Throughout my career, I have worked to prioritize the needs of the farmer when thinking about system-wide change. Now, I can put that experience to work hedging on the grower’s behalf."