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Jeremy Crane

In Boston’s burgeoning software space, Jeremy Crane, VP of Software Product Development, is an old hand, having held a range of high-level roles at data and analytic companies like Compete, oneforty, and HubSpot before arriving at Indigo last spring. But Jeremy’s skillset goes well beyond the realm of computers and mobile apps. He’s a “hands-on” leader in the truest sense of the expression—hands on the wheel, that is. “I drove a silage chopper long before I ever had a license to drive a car,” he says as we’re wrapping up our conversation. A silage chopper, for readers unfamiliar with farm machinery, is a “giant, air conditioned, 600-plus horsepower lawn mower,” in Jeremy's words; and it just happened to be his main mode of transportation during high school summers spent in the fields of his uncle’s crop and cattle farm in Griffon, Indiana. “It was about the best summer lawn mowing job a 14-year-old could ask for.”

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