Terri Moses

March 04, 2019

Growers working with Terri Moses, in the first role she had at Indigo, knew her only by voice. As a grower customer service representative from July to October of last year, Terri would call farmers following their decision to partner with Indigo. The grower would be met, answering that phone call, with a candid, gracious tone – a voice of someone who tells it like it is.

“Welcome to the company,” she’d begin. The first conversation, and all that followed, were predicated on transparency: letting the grower know there’s a team of representatives available to field questions, provide guidance, or link out to the appropriate department at any step in the process, time of the year, or hour in the day. Growers took her sincerity seriously; they called back. Maybe to walk through submitting scale tickets, or arrange for grain delivery, or submit an offer on Indigo Marketplace™. Maybe they’d ask about a seed delivery time, payment schedule, or on-farm storage option. Just once, a grower who had never used a smartphone called – on his new smartphone. Terri walked him through setting up an email account, navigating to a browser, opening Marketplace, and entering his crop. “That’s a rewarding moment for me, in my career,” Terri says. “To take someone who’s never used that technology in their business before and teach them a whole new way of making money.”

Terri’s sentiment is apt, even as she recognizes most growers are accustomed to technology far more advanced than smartphones. That most growers – to push back on the notion of lagging behind the digital curve – are keen on novel technologies, savvy enough to distinguish trustworthy products from hollow promises. That the challenge is in finding the right companies and tools. Most of the calls, Terri notes, were requests to further explain Indigo’s business models, microbial treatments, and marketing options. Terri offered guidance, insight, and relief in those moments. As the world’s leading beneficial agriculture company, positioned to decommoditize the market with innovations across the supply chain, Indigo has a lot of innovation to explain.

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 Now, in her role as sales operations associate, Terri’s the person getting contracts and documents direct from the account manager. Items and tasks handled on the front-end allow grower customer service reps to worry less on the back-end, when they’re arranging for harvest payment. Terri’s assisting a past version of herself, tackling intricacies in allocating payment and crop shares, logging seed orders, and checking credit.

In either role, Indigo’s value is evident to Terri. “The fact that we care as much for the grower, a central customer, as our own employees is still an innovative idea to me,” she said. “A grower once told me that Indigo was the first company to approach him and say, ‘Let’s make you some money,’ instead of saying simply, as other ag companies might, ‘Let’s make money.’ That’s what really touched me.” Working for past companies as a pharmaceutical sales rep, Terri remembers the challenge in not knowing if products were really good for the patients, or if the patients’ money was good for the pharmaceutical company. At Indigo, she says, this distinction is unnecessary: What’s good for Indigo is what’s good for the grower, consumer, and the planet.

Terri hails from a long lineage of growers, one of whom – her grandfather – is based out of Eudora, Arkansas, where he now leases out his farmland. Terri would spend summers there growing up, riding on the back of the tractor, milking cows, and preparing hog slop. “It was a place where you just got to run wild,” she said. An uncle of Terri’s who works closely with the grower leasing that land is interested in presenting that grower with the services Indigo can offer. When it comes to discussing the company, Terri can sell him on both the tech and the customer support that underpins it.

“There are always going to be companies that think what worked in the past will work in the future,” she said. “But this is a company that never wants to settle, in an industry that needs to refocus. In the end, growers are the ones taking care of us. They’re the bedrock of our country. My job is to take care of them.”


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