Sell Your Grain. Maximize Profit. Minimize Risk.

    Market+ by Indigo is a digital application that brings farmers and buyers together, helping farmers transact seamlessly and digitally with trusted grain buyers.

    A simple, more efficient way to sell grain

    1: Receive invitation

    After receiving an invitation from your buyer, create a profile for your farm and view bids posted by your buyer/ other buyers in the application.

    2: Accept bid

    3: Manage contracts

    Work within the application to digitally manage and sign your contact with your buyer.

    4: Get Paid


    How do I take advantage of connecting with grain buyers on Market+?

    Grain buyers who are using the Market+ application to digitally merchandise grain will invite you to view their bids via Market+.

    What if I don’t see a particular buyer on Market+?

    We are actively building relationships with grain buyers to digitally enable their grain merchandising process and make it more efficient for you to transact with your preferred grain buyers in your area. Help us accelerate that process by recommending Market+ to your buyer using the “Get alerted” button above.

    Get alerted when your buyer joins

    Farmers can only transact with our Market+ digital application after being invited by a grain merchandiser or originator. As we continue to expand our network of grain buyers on Market+ we would love to hear from you on the buyers that you would like us to work with and if you’d like to hear from us.

    Indigo products and services may not be available in all areas. Participation is subject to enrollment and program terms and conditions. Indigo does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes. Additional terms apply. Use of the platform is subject to enrollment requirements and acceptance of terms and conditions of Indigo Marketplace. Indigo products or services may not be available in all areas. Indigo does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees with respect to any results, including, without limitation, pricing outcomes. When you enter into a Marketplace transaction with Indigo, you are entering into a forward contract with Indigo as commercial counterparties. Entering into any pricing mechanisms pursuant to a Marketplace transaction, you understand and acknowledge that: (1) you are not opening a futures/options account; (2) that you do not have a futures/options position; and (3) that Indigo is not a commodity trading advisor (“CTA”), a futures commission merchant (“FCM”), introducing broker (“IB”), or a commodity pool operator (“CPO”), or swap dealer relationship, nor does Indigo represent to be a CTA, FCM, IB, CPO or swap dealer. The pricing mechanism referenced in this material employs futures/options references as a forward contract pricing mechanism only. It is not a futures/options contract or a commodity pooling agreement. View the Privacy Policy  and Indigo's Data Management and Protection Principles.