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Indigo Research Partners (IRP) was created to enable an entirely new method of agricultural R&D. We believe the best lab for testing innovative agricultural techniques is the farm itself. Through collaborations with farmers around the globe, we are building the world’s largest agricultural lab with the goal of accelerating innovations and products that increase yields, improve environmental sustainability, and reduce risks for farmers.

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Open Quotation MarkTraditional agriculture has never had access to this level of information. The data I am seeing on my farm through Indigo Partners allows me to make key decisions to improve our profitability and understand the truth on my farm. These are insights we can trust to make a difference on our farms.Close Quotation Mark

Jeremy Jack



Open Quotation MarkIndigo’s approach has been different and refreshing. They chose to become a vested partner, placing their seeds, their sensors, and their scientists in my fields. They are replicating this research across the country and here is where we hope the near infinite bits of data from the field create greater value. Here is where the shared data can be fully vetted and here is where today’s technology becomes an asset and a tool for the future. Close Quotation Mark

Greg Baltz



Open Quotation MarkAfter growing with Indigo last season, I want to be plugged into what’s coming next. Indigo is a company filled with innovation and I want to get in early. My Indigo Soybeans came up quicker, looked healthier, and was some of the best I produced this year. Close Quotation Mark

Dennis Funk



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