What are Microbes?

  • Microbes are alive. These microscopic, single-celled organisms are so tiny that millions can fit through the eye of a needle.
  • Microbes are everywhere. Inside every plant, every human and inside the soil, water and air environments that surround us.
  • Microbes occur naturally. In many cases they play an important role in the health of the plants they inhabit, helping them to grow.

How does Indigo Use Microbes?

  • We identify beneficial microbes that naturally exist in plants and cultivate them to enhance plant performance—increasing root development, nutrient uptake and water utilization.
  • We apply specially selected microbes to crops at planting through our unique seed treatment technology.
  • Indigo microbes are meant to reside within the plant, maximizing plant health throughout the season by improving stress tolerance, increasing nutrient intake and improving water efficiency.

What is Different About Indigo?

  • Other microbes on the market today are introduced to the soil and reside outside of the plant.
  • The performance of these soil-applied microbes is completely dependent upon the soil environment, which can result in reduced effectiveness.
  • Indigo is focused on introducing microbes that reside inside the plant, for consistent performance that is less affected by the external environment.

How Do Indigo Microbes Increase Yield?

  • By introducing Indigo microbes as a seed treatment, we offer crops an early probiotic boost that helps lessen their sensitivity to environmental stress.
  • We have observed improvements in stem and root development that enable plants to better utilize moisture and nutrients in the soil, resulting in higher productivity.
  • Indigo microbial seed treatments can be applied across many seed varieties and can be integrated with existing production practices of the grower.