With more than two and a half decades of experience in remote sensing science and environmental modeling, Mark is committed to building technology that helps growers make decisions based on the best and most timely information available.

Mark is an environmental scientist with expertise in remote sensing, microclimatology, and geospatial data analytics. A professor in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University (BU), where he currently leads the Land Cover and Surface Climate Group, Mark co-founded and was CSO at TellusLabs. He has authored more than 100 journal articles, has served as an associate editor for multiple scientific journals, and has been a science team member for several NASA instrument science teams.

Mark received his BS in physical geography from McGill University, and his MA and PhD in geography from University of California, Santa Barbara.

"Indigo's mission of providing better tools, technology, and informtaion to farmers in a way that supports sustainable farming, reduces the environmental impact of modern agriculture, and improves food security is perfectly aligned with my professional and personal goals. In an era of climate change and growing demand for food, with farmers struggling to make ends meet, I'm very excited to help Indigo achieve its ambitious goals of transforming the way we grow, sell, and deliver food to the world."