For Farmers For Buyers

    For Farmers

    Increase your profitability and reduce your risk

    For Buyers

    Connect to a network of growers to ensure identity preservation, cost savings, and quality

    Carbon: better for the planet, better for farmers' bottom line

    Carbon by Indigo supports farmers in their transition to more beneficial practices, delivering technological solutions and sponsor investments to accelerate soil enrichment.

    Biologicals: plant for performance and grow with confidence

    By helping to shield plants from tough conditions and enhancing their use of resources such as water, Indigo Biologicals have the potential to improve yields and increase farm revenue.

    Market+: a simple, more profitable way to buy and sell grain

    Market+ is a digital application that directly connects a wide set of stakeholders across the agricultural supply chain with a suite of integrated and data-driven tools that move businesses forward faster.

    Transport: an efficient hauling service

    Through Market+ Transport, a digital logistics platform connecting shippers and carriers of agricultural products, hauling is an efficient and hassle-free process. From pick-up to delivery, we can streamline the logistics.

    We are looking for ways to use regeneration – especially with cover crops – to maximize that output. If you can make your business thrive without putting as many chemicals in, then you are going to end up making a more profitable crop.

    Ray Sneed | Tennessee


    Technology in agriculture is so advanced, but when I look at the industry as a whole, grain marketing is where it's furthest behind. A lot of people still have to pick up the phone to figure out basis or what corn’s trading for. So when I look into the future and think about seeing local basis, knowing when elevators are accepting delivery, or accessing trucks quickly right from my desktop or cell phone – that gets me really excited about Grain Marketplace.

    Kasey Bryant Bamberger | Farmer, Ohio


    I'd recommend using Indigo to my neighbors. I had some poor ground that wouldn’t grow soybeans. That’s where we put the Indigo. Well, they looked good all year and the best yield we have ever had on that ground. If you were to ask me, I'd say 'hammer down' and go with Indigo.

    Chad Waddill | Arkansas | 2018

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