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    The Leader in
    Sustainable Agriculture Solutions

    Leveraging the most advanced science and technology to deliver proven ag sustainability products and programs. Our solutions strengthen farmers’ livelihoods and empower companies to meet their goals, today and tomorrow.

    Powerful, flexible sustainability solutions

    Indigo Ag’s integrated sustainability platform uniquely leverages science and technology to turn sustainable agriculture into value across the supply chain. Farmers can maximize their profit through biological products, crop premiums, and verified carbon credits, while working with their preferred ag partners. Indigo is currently the only company offering corporations high-quality carbon credits and Scope 3 emissions reductions at scale.

    Collaboration across the ag industry and beyond

    Indigo powers farmer-centric sustainability programs and products for agribusinesses and corporations. Our flexible solutions are based on the industry’s most rigorous science and technology.
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    The leading carbon program for farmers and buyers

    Indigo Ag is the first company to produce registry-issued carbon credits from agricultural soil at scale. These credits represent durable carbon removals and a financial incentive for farmers to adopt sustainable practices. 

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    Connecting the agricultural supply chain with sustainable crops

    Our Scope 3 accounting program connects the entire agricultural value chain to produce more sustainable crops. In these programs, farmers supply field-level data to earn a premium for their crops grown using less water, fewer chemicals, and reducing GHG emissions.

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    Harnessing nature to protect plants

    Indigo Ag's robust line of biotrinsic® products are natural, effective biological treatments that enhance plant growth and resilience, improving yields in challenging conditions, reducing the need for costly inputs.

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    Simplifying grain transactions in one powerful digital application

    Indigo's Market+ Merchandise is the only digital application that optimizes the full end-to-end grain contracting experience, providing a clear view of the competitive market in real-time.

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    Impacting the entire value chain

    We partner across the ag ecosystem to create value through sustainable agriculture—for today and generations to come.

    Progress to date

    Our programs and products are scaling the positive outcomes of sustainable agriculture—today and for the future.

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    16 M
    global acre footprint
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    340 K
    tonnes of GHG reductions and removals
    water icon
    19 B
    gallons of water saved
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    A growing community


    For the first time, we can choose which program will make us the most money for our sustainability efforts, while working with our local buyer. I need flexibility for my operations year-to-year depending on a variety of factors. I’ve experienced a lot of success with the Carbon by Indigo program and having the option to sell my crop into a sustainable crop program without leaving the Carbon program or double counting is incredibly exciting and promising for us.

    Ryan Brady | Kansas Farmer


    As the market for carbon credits expands, the farmer's going to be able to see that with the increased revenue because we're getting paid for the carbon we are sequestering. So as that becomes more valuable, that's more money in the farmer's pocket.

    Chris Lehe | Lehe Farms, Indiana

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    As the first apparel brand to partner with Indigo, we are excited about the positive environmental impacts regenerative cotton production can have not only for The North Face products, but for our industry as a whole.

    Carol Shu | The North Face

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    Farmers always want to do the right thing and they want to continue on so that operation can go generation to generation. It all starts with agronomy and it has to be right for the operation and the field and that farm. We're not looking for flash in the pan one year commitments. We really want to make sure it's sustainable long term and it's good for that operation.

    Casey Onstot | Corteva Agriscience


    There's hope for me and I hope that my kids will realize the need to continue to feed, clothe, and fuel a growing world. We've crossed the eight billion yardstick in global population and we're headed for 10 billion by the year 2050. With more and more people on this planet, we've got to make sure we can help feed them.

    P.J. Haynie | Arkansas Farmer

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    Our farmers are looking for options like biotrinsic® so they can feel confident starting the season. We’ve seen strong performance from these biologicals on our demo plots - the crops produced are healthier and more resilient. It’s been great to partner with Indigo, and we’re excited to see the portfolio continue to grow.

    George Harris | Farmer & co-owner Xceleration Ag, Iowa

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    My partnership with Choice Cotton and Autauga Quality Cotton created an introduction point for me with Indigo. It was very exciting to me to be able to substantiate the sustainability claims of our product. We were able to quickly validate our practices by leveraging our existing data and be able to bring forth an authentic partnership.

    Liz Spruell | Alabama Cotton Farmer

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    See the latest

    Together, we’re growing the future of sustainable agriculture every day. See our latest stories, releases, and news coverage.

    Posted on Jun 12, 2024 By Ryan Pape

    Climate Action Reserve approves Indigo Ag’s enhanced model, resulting in added value per acre

    Major Milestone February marked Indigo Ag’s third issuance of carbon credits through the Climate Action Reserve (CAR). Thanks to the work of hundreds of farmers across 28...

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    Posted on Jun 20, 2024 By Indigo Agriculture

    Indigo Ag’s Carbon Program to deliver record carbon credits to Microsoft

    Microsoft purchased 40,000 carbon credits verified and issued in accordance with requirements of the Climate Action Reserve’s Soil Enrichment Protocol Largest ever single...

    Read More
    Posted on Sep 5, 2023 By Indigo Agriculture

    Top Soil Science Journal Publishes Peer Reviewed Paper on Indigo Ag’s Carbon Quantification Model

    BOSTON, MA (September 5, 2023) – Indigo Ag, an innovative leader and trusted partner in sustainable agriculture, announced today the publication of a peer-reviewed research...

    Read More
    Posted on Aug 17, 2023 By A.J. Kumar

    Grounded in Science: Debunking 6 Myths About Soil Carbon as a Climate Solution

    Through carbon credit and sustainable crop programs, Indigo Ag is providing financial incentives for agricultural systems and practices that are more sustainable (also known...

    Read More
    Posted on Aug 15, 2023 By Indigo Agriculture

    Indigo Ag Launches New Bionematicide to Help Farmers in the Fight Against Soybean Cyst Nematodes

    BOSTON (August 15, 2023) – Indigo Ag today announced the commercial launch of the company’s first bionematicide for the U.S. market. A continuation of the company’s...

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    Posted on May 22, 2023 By Indigo Agriculture

    Indigo Ag’s Proven Scope 3 Solution on Track to Double Its Impact in 2024

    Boston, MA (May 22, 2023) — Indigo Ag, the premier sustainability partner of the agriculture industry, is using its proprietarymeasurement, reporting and verification (MRV) ...

    Read More
    Posted on Sep 15, 2023 By Indigo Agriculture

    Indigo Ag Accelerates Proven Sustainability Programs for Farmers and Agribusinesses with $250 Million Fundraise

    The capital will be invested in profitably scaling Indigo’s unique science and technology to boost farm revenues and de-carbonize the planet. BOSTON (September 15, 2023)...

    Read More

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