From Alignment to Action: Advancing Scope 3 Reductions Across the Ag Value Chain

    Recording Available of August 22 Event

    A lot of effort goes into determining how regenerative agricultural outcomes can be generated in a supply chain—what management practices should be included, how outcomes are measured, and how they will be financed. But then taking those regenerative ag plans and turning them into a tangible, scalable project with meaningful results—that’s even harder.

    In this special educational session, we’ll discuss how to make these targets a reality across the ag value chain.

    You'll learn about:

    • Defining a regenerative project, setting metrics, and aligning the entire value chain
    • Quantifying the regenerative impact at scale with science and technology
    • Supporting producers as they execute regenerative projects
    • How Bunge, a world leader in grain marketing, is sourcing sustainable grain
    • Plus: Ask your own questions

    You will hear from:

    Gregg Christensen, VP of Corn Milling, Bunge
    A.J. Kumar, VP of Sustainability Science, Indigo Ag
    Shannon Gnad, Farmer & Head of Agronomy, Indigo Ag

    Moderated by: Ryan Jones, Principal Relationship Manager, Indigo Ag


    Webinar content includes information based on generally applicable, currently available information. Actual results and outcomes may vary. The practices and strategies discussed during the webinar may not be beneficial or the best for your specific operation. All operators should independently consider the potential risks and benefits of adopting any specific practice or strategy, which is solely at each operation’s individual risk. Indigo does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results.

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