NGFA-CEC Webinar: Next Generation Digital Merchandising

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    Tools, Technology and Software to Build Closer Relationships

    What if you could manage the entire lifecycle of a grain transaction through a single application? From origination through delivery, the merchandising process is currently going through a digital transformation. This change has flooded the market with point solutions for every step in the process – origination, bid management, hedging, transactions, settlement, and logistics. But an end-to-end platform would be a more efficient way for your team to service customers and build stronger relationships.

    Tune in for this exclusive roundtable webinar to discover what the next generation of grain merchandising looks like.

    • Overview of core capabilities needed to modernize the transaction lifecycle.
    • Learn how the right software can elevate your brand and relationships in the market.
    • Understand how to leverage data as a competitive differentiator.

    This webinar is hosted by Heather Gieseke, featuring tenured grain industry and technology leaders from both North and South America: Rodney Connor, Dario Maffei, Aline Pezente, and Mauricio Monico.

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