Microbial Technology: Growing Resilient Corn and Soybeans

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In this webinar, farmers and scientists come together to discuss how your crop can start strong, stay strong, and yield more through microbial technology. 

Beneficial microbes can shield plants from tough conditions and help them optimize resources. Whether in extreme temperatures, water scarcity, or nutrient-deficient soils, microbes have the potential to increase your farm’s revenue.

Join us to review the science behind Indigo’s microbial products and learn how they have already been used across the world.

This webinar covers:

  • How other farmers are using Indigo Microbials
  • Overview of Indigo corn and soybean microbials, and discussion around what endophytes and epiphytes are and how they interact with plants
  • Indigo Microbial performance data in corn and soybeans

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