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    I'm all about wanting this world to stay sustainable or to keep everything for everybody to have long term. But [for farmers] it all comes down to money when it starts. Anytime somebody can add 35, 40 cents to your pocket, with things like they are, especially with the rise in fuel and fertilizer costs, [it helps]. Indigo brings us programs that help the farmer.

    Trey Bowers | Arkansas Farmer

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    The opportunity to visit with scientists, and see the desire to improve agriculture as we see it, be able to improve profitability for the farmer, those are great things that Indigo has brought to the market that we want to be a part of.

    Greg Baltz | Arkansas Rice Farmer


    We are doing everything we know how to do the best way we can — the most financially sound way we can. If we have partners on the consumer side, to pay for more environmentally sustainable practices, then it’s a win-win for everybody.

    Jeff Rutledge | Arkansas Rice Farmer

    Sustainability you can trust

    years of established Scope 3 expertise
    15 k
    metric tons of emissions reduced
    23 M
    sustainably sourced bushels & bales delivered or committed
    6 B+
    gallons of water saved

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