Indigo Certified Agronomist Program

Get out ahead with advanced technology & agronomic training

Through an interactive online curriculum and data-driven technologies, we’ll certify you to put your skills and know-how to work for Indigo growers, helping them raise their yields and returns.

Build your knowledge, grow your customer base, and gain valuable hands-on experience with the latest agriculture technologies—all while helping growers become more profitable.

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How can I participate?

If you’re a crop advisor or agronomist working in corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, or rice, with at least (5) years of experience and a bachelor's degree, you’re ready to get started with us.



What you'll do

  • Expand and refine your agronomic skills through online tutorials

  • Complete a certification exam

  • Apply what you’ve learned in the field

  • Start working with Indigo growers and earn more each visit

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Knowing that we're the trusted advisor for growers, with Indigo knowing that as well, really hit home with me quite a bit. We can maintain our relationship with the grower, do what we do best and know we have a partner now to make all the logistics work. Growers more than ever know [that] now [they] need a team working for them — not just individuals to accomplish their tasks — and it really seems like we're on the right track.

Michael Bahr

Indigo Certified Agronomist

Working for Indigo has been a fast-paced, fun experience. I have never heard the word 'profitability' used so much with any other agriculture company. Indigo is truly changing the industry.

Shelby Mann

Indigo Agronomist

I enjoy how exciting it is to be out on the farm bringing a new way of thinking to agronomy that put[s] more money in a grower’s pocket. As an agronomist, I’m involved with many decisions, from the selection of the best fitted variety or hybrid until harvest. I loved playing in the dirt as a child and was fortunate to be able to make a career of it.

P.R. Morris

Indigo Agronomist