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    Spring Success: Four Strategies for Planting Season

    Recording Available of March 30 Event

    Seeking ways to fine tune your planting strategy for the year? Whether you're a seasoned pro at using no-till and cover crop practices or just getting started, this virtual event* will share four key strategies for a successful planting season, this year and in the future.

    You’ll hear from experienced farmers and agronomists sharing their knowledge at a critical time of year. And your questions will guide the discussion - submit them in advance or ask them during our live Q&A.

    Our panelists will share their experiences and expertise on:

    • Nutrient Management - how to adjust soil fertility when reducing tillage and planting covers
    • Managing Moisture - the best strategies for conserving limited moisture or shedding excess moisture
    • Equipment Expertise - setting yourself up for success with planters and drills
    • Planting into Green Covers - tips on when, how and why.

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    *Webinar content includes information based on generally applicable, currently available information. Actual results and outcomes may vary. The practices and strategies discussed during the webinar may not be beneficial or the best for your specific operation. All operators should independently consider the potential risks and benefits of adopting any specific practice or strategy, which is solely at each operation’s individual risk. Indigo does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results.

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