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With instant quotes, real-time tracking via a vetted carrier network, and dedicated support to handle escalations, Indigo Transport® is the trusted choice to manage the transportation of your dry bulk goods.

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Get access to a network of carriers to keep operating smoothly during COVID-19

Indigo Transport technology connects you with a network of readily available carriers to easily deliver your product, even in these unprecedented times. Every carrier has been carefully evaluated for compliance and reliability – for secure transport of goods, regardless of distance, geography, or season.

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What is the Indigo Transport platform? How does it work?

The Indigo Transport platform offers full-service logistics management for shippers looking to quickly and easily source delivery of dry bulk commodity freight. It provides a network of local, reliable carriers vetted for safety, federal compliance, and proper insurance coverage.

Each carrier has access to a web-based platform and mobile app that enables them to easily manage their fleet. When you tender a load via the Indigo Transport platform, you’ll be matched to a pre-approved carrier who will receive all the details needed for a successful pick-up and delivery.

How do I get started with Indigo Transport for a delivery?

Fill out the form above on this page, or give us a call on our hotline at 1-833-LOAD-HELP.

To talk to one of our Shipper Account Managers, email us at Simply provide us with the details of your loads, including origin, destination, freight type, delivery window, and any registration documents you require us to complete. We’ll get back to you with a quote, and once confirmed, we’ll start matching your loads to our network of carriers through our platform.

What type of freight currently moved within the Indigo Transport platform?

Current freight includes corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, and other non-grain, dry bulk commodities, such as salt, gravel, and sand, that can be transported via hoppers, belts, and walking floor trucks.

How are your rates generated? Are they guaranteed?

Dynamic prices are generated in the Indigo Transport platform based on trip distance, season, origin, and destination. Once we provide you a quote, that rate is guaranteed for up to two weeks, at which point the quoted rate will expire.

What type of carriers do you work with? What is your vetting process for carriers?

Our carriers are locally-based, independent trucking businesses. Each one of our carriers is carefully evaluated for safety and proper insurance coverage. Our carriers are also held to our standards regarding truck and food transportation safety. We employ third-party service providers to vet and monitor every one of our carriers on an ongoing basis.

Is Indigo Transport federally licensed?

Yes, Indigo Transport is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation and authorized to engage in operations, in interstate or foreign commerce, as a broker, arranging for transportation of freight (except household goods) by motor vehicle.

What type of insurance do you require your carriers to have?

Indigo Transport requires the following minimum coverages (additional requirements may apply):

  • Commercial General Liability (Minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence)
  • Automobile Liability (Minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence)
  • Broad Form Motor Truck Cargo (Minimum of $25,000 per occurrence)



Indigo Transport saves me a ton of time working with carriers. I am usually managing 200 trucks per week. Now I can use that time to grow my book of business.

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Offer is subject to contract and Indigo’s terms and conditions. Indigo Transport provides a full-service software-based solution for managing shipments of agricultural commodities; Indigo Transport is not a carrier nor does Indigo Transport fulfill shipping opportunities.

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