Indigo Transport for Farmers

Conveniently and reliably ship your grain

With a vast network of carriers, Indigo Transport coordinates logistics around the transport of grain, allowing farmers to worry less about transportation and earn more for their crop. Need a truck on short notice while navigating COVID-19? We can help find affordable capacity from our network of vetted carriers.


Here's how farmers enrolled in Marketplace
ship grain with Indigo Transport


Farmers enter their grain into Indigo Marketplace to broaden the network of potential buyers who will bid on that crop.


Farmers receive bids from buyers and can select to haul their grain with the help of Indigo Transport.


An Indigo representative confirms order pick-up details and begins matching with a local carrier.


Indigo handles the coordination, logistics, and payment with that carrier, guaranteeing delivery to the buyer.


Farmer receives check in the mail for their sale on Marketplace.

Why use Indigo Transport?

Easy pick-up & delivery on Indigo Marketplace

No need to deal with the headaches of moving your grain. Leave the logistics to Indigo Transport and let us provide you more opportunities to increase your bid range on Marketplace.


What is the Indigo Transport service? How does it work?

The Indigo Transport service offers hassle-free grain delivery for farmers. If enrolled in Indigo Marketplace, farmers can choose to use Indigo Transport for the delivery of their grain for all Marketplace bids.

How do I get started delivering my grain with Indigo Transport?

If enrolled in Marketplace, log in to your account and select bids with the Indigo Transport icon. We’ll match you to a local, reliable carrier who will be provided all the details for successful pick-up and delivery of your grain.

Learn more about Marketplace here, or call us to enroll directly with Indigo Transport at 1-833-LOAD-HELP.

What type of carriers do you work with? What is your vetting process for carriers?

Indigo Transport works with a select group of carrier partners. Each one of our carriers is evaluated for safety, sufficient insurance coverage, and are subject to food safety transportation policies. We employ third-party service providers to vet and monitor every one of our carriers on an ongoing basis.

Can I enroll as an Indigo Transport carrier?

If you have an active DOT Number, have a satisfactory driving and safety record, and have valid commercial tags for your vehicles, then you are eligible to become an Indigo Transport carrier.

Ready to Enroll?

Give us a call at 1-800-LOAD-HELP, or email us at and one of our Carrier Account Managers will contact you to walk you through the process. Learn more about becoming a carrier.

Can I hire Indigo Transport to deliver dry bulk goods outside of Marketplace or other types of freight?

Yes, just give us a call at 1-833-LOAD-HELP or email us at and tell us about the loads you’re looking to ship. Learn more about shipping with Indigo Transport  here.

Hear from farmers using Indigo Transport


The whole Transport experience was quite attractive to me. There’s always been a time lag between harvest, storing grain, and finding processors for it. Indigo Transport is doing a very good job of allowing us to go from our field straight to a processor. With our busy loads, it’s worked out great to have Transport arrange the trucking, giving us an opportunity to be a bigger player in the field to plate concept.

Jon Tibbits | Farmer, Kansas


I’ve explored with different crops: sunflowers, soy, chickpeas. But I’ve had to truck chickpeas over 100 miles. The market just isn’t close enough. Freight eats you up, and it’s next to impossible to get trucks at harvest time. That’s the biggest problem. With Indigo, there’s a market for it — I don’t have to go out and look for one. That drew me to Indigo. I can store it, and they’re going to find a market.

Michael Herrmann | Kansas


The number one benefit of working with Indigo is the people – their follow-through has been excellent. It’s been an eye-opening experience that I’m able to produce grain that processors actually want, and that those processors are willing to pay a premium for it. The delivery service is excellent in this regard, giving me an opportunity to meet the processor deadline. With Transport, I don’t feel like we need to worry about stopping the rest of the farm to deliver the grain to a processor.

Jon Tibbits | Farmer, Kansas

Offer is subject to contract and Indigo’s terms and conditions. Indigo Transport provides a full-service software-based solution for managing shipments of agricultural commodities; Indigo Transport is not a carrier nor does Indigo Transport fulfill shipping opportunities.

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