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Indigo Marketplace is a technology platform that brings farmers and buyers together, removing friction and costs at every step. Use Marketplace to find transactions that can maximize your profit potential and manage pricing risk.

A simple, more profitable way to sell grain

1: Create free account

Create a profile for your farm and view bids.

2: Name your price

Post an offer to increase your bids.

3: Negotiate

Accept bid or propose an alternate price with advice from market experts.

4: Deliver

Deliver your grain directly, or arrange pick-up with Indigo Transport.

5: Get Paid

Receive payment directly from Indigo once grain is delivered.

Powerful tools to optimize basis and reduce risk

Maximizing your profitability may start with choices in the field, but it ends with decisions in the market. This is why we built Marketplace to be flexible and transparent.

Farmers like you are using Marketplace

Thousands of farmers have already signed up and transacted in the platform.

Working with Indigo has probably been one of the best things we've done in our operation. Every acre of grain I've got this year is marketed through Marketplace.

Allen Permenter, Farmer in Dyersburg, TN

Buyers are looking for grain in Marketplace

More than half of grain buyers in the US are...

  • Easily accessible
  • Within a couple of clicks
  • Available to transact

Working with Marketplace has been a really good situation. I'm very comfortable. I trust Indigo. As a result, that's a form of security for me and for our company. Marketplace has done very well in securing grains for us a year in advance. That's something we've never done before.

Joey Coscia, Specialty Feeds, Memphis, TN

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How are transactions with Marketplace protected?

Indigo insures against buyer default risk through insurance with Allianz (one of the world’s largest insurance companies) who will cover payments if there is an issue with the buyer. Indigo is also licensed and bonded in 25 states.

Secondly, Indigo does not speculate on commodity prices and hedges risk as soon as it becomes known. This means that price changes, either up or down, have very little impact on our profit and loss. This has the added benefit that Indigo never takes a position opposite its customers – Indigo does better when you do better.

And lastly, the transactions carried out in Marketplace are subject to industry standard NGFA rules – ensuring there are no hidden terms or additional fees.

How much does Marketplace charge?

All growers have free access to our basic services which includes working with our grain marketing specialists and using the Marketplace platform to transact grain. Indigo offers additional premium products and services such as our pricing tools and Indigo Transport for growers looking to unlock more profitability for their grain.

How is Marketplace different from other grain marketplaces?

Indigo Marketplace is the only place that offers end-to-end grain marketing solutions for growers. You can fully manage your futures, basis setting, transport, contracts, and settlement in one place whether it is through our platform or call to a dedicated grain marketing specialist. Using Marketplace saves you time, offers more visibility across your entire grain marketing process, and gives you more confidence in your decision-making.

What if I need support using Indigo Marketplace?

For support using Marketplace, give us a call at (901) 329-0153.

What if I don’t see my local elevator in Marketplace?

We are still building relationships to bring more elevators and bids into Marketplace in some areas. Submit a direct offer with a facility name and price and our team will reach out to your local elevator on your behalf.

Can you share more about the technology of the platform?

We have designed the most user-friendly platform for growers to make it easy for them to transact on the go and manage their grain marketing all in one place.

One of our goals was to eliminate unnecessary phone calls and time wasted searching for emails. That's why a grower can accept a bid, negotiate a bid, submit an offer, schedule transport, and view settlement documents all from the platform.

We know technology can't fully replace the relationships and expertise that drive grain marketing. That's why every grower with a Marketplace account has access to our knowledgeable grain marketing specialists to help them make decisions before using the technology to execute.

Because profitability is so important to growers, we built our bid browsing experience to include Price After Freight so that growers can see the profitability of each bid net of transport for their farm when comparing buyers in different locations.

A grower has enough to think about and manage so we've streamlined grain marketing with every step of a decision and transaction.

What crops are available on Marketplace?

We initially launched Indigo Marketplace to support the sale of grain grown from our microbial-treated seeds – leveraging our footprint in wheat, soy, corn, and rice. In the period since Marketplace has been open to growers and buyers, we’ve already expanded into other crops. Full list, which will continue to expand: wheat, soy, corn, rice, milo, and sunflower. We can also support specialty crops outside of the platform for crops such as peas, popcorn, etc.

Indigo products and services may not be available in all areas. Participation is subject to enrollment and program terms and conditions. Indigo does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes. Additional terms apply. Use of the platform is subject to enrollment requirements and acceptance of terms and conditions of Indigo Marketplace. Indigo products or services may not be available in all areas. Indigo does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees with respect to any results, including, without limitation, pricing outcomes. When you enter into a Marketplace transaction with Indigo, you are entering into a forward contract with Indigo as commercial counterparties. Entering into any pricing mechanisms pursuant to a Marketplace transaction, you understand and acknowledge that: (1) you are not opening a futures/options account; (2) that you do not have a futures/options position; and (3) that Indigo is not a commodity trading advisor (“CTA”), a futures commission merchant (“FCM”), introducing broker (“IB”), or a commodity pool operator (“CPO”), or swap dealer relationship, nor does Indigo represent to be a CTA, FCM, IB, CPO or swap dealer. The pricing mechanism referenced in this material employs futures/options references as a forward contract pricing mechanism only. It is not a futures/options contract or a commodity pooling agreement. View the Indigo Marketplace Privacy Policy.