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Enrich Your Soil, Improve Your Profit

Join other growers participating in Indigo Carbon


Improve Soil Resilience

Regenerative farming practices can help you improve the resilience of your land, including the potential to:

  • Improved water availability during drought
  • Improved nutrient and soil retention during rainfall
  • Improve field accessibility

Improve Profitability

  • Indigo Carbon helps you get paid for increasing the carbon content of your soil and reducing overall emissions
  • Regenerative farming practices can improve the health and profitability of your soil while giving you tools to avoid or overcome common farming challenges.


Anyone farming at least 300 acres of cropland* in our 2020 service area can join us in the journey to better soil health. To get involved or for more information, let us know you are interested by completing the form above and an Indigo team member will contact you with further details.

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Open Quotation MarkI’ve been no-till for close to 30 years, so my soil is in good health. No one was doing no-till 30 years ago, but I used to sit in the tractor and think that every time I’m tilling I’m losing four inches of moisture. The less you can till the ground, the better off you are.Close Quotation Mark

Michael Herrmann

Regenerative Grower, Kansas


Open Quotation MarkWorking with Indigo, I hope to get more farmers to grow with a regenerative approach and improve the health of our global agricultural soils. If you are a conservationist, and a good steward of the land, then you are building soil health and will be better off financially. Soil health, to me, is the main driver for our farm and its success.Close Quotation Mark

Rick Clark

Regenerative Grower, Indiana


Open Quotation MarkWorking with Indigo goes hand in hand with the soil-building strategy I already have in place by using top choice organic fertilizer and Indigo's microbes. I noticed a big difference between having it and not having it this year. Indigo helped grow healthier soybeans. With Indigo, I saw a lot of root mass and a much healthier plant which lead to increased yields anywhere from 5 bushes to 15 bushels.Close Quotation Mark

William Palsa



*The number of verified carbon credits issued under Indigo Carbon and eligible for payment is subject to an issuer-imposed buffer pool holdback of approximately 20% (which may be higher or lower) of total volume of CO2e sequestered or abated to protect against potential reversals. The number of verified carbon credits issued will be less than the number of tons of CO2e sequestered or abated due to such buffer pool. All payments under Indigo Carbon are subject to a 10-year vesting schedule. $15 price per verified carbon credit is only an estimate based on the 2019 payment rate. Actual payment rate is subject to market conditions, may change at any time, and will be determined at the time of sale of the carbon credit. Indigo does not guarantee any minimum or specific payment rate. All figures are examples based on specific assumptions that may not be applicable to all land. A number of variables can affect outcomes on any particular land. Indigo does not guarantee any results with respect to carbon dioxide equivalents sequestered, carbon credits generated or amount or eligibility of payments with respect to any individual landowner or operator. Website for promotional purposes only. Additional terms apply. Participation and enrollment in Indigo Carbon is subject to eligibility requirements and acceptance of program terms and conditions.