For Buyers


Being able to contract for crops with specific qualities

high protein wheat | high oleic soybeans | specific varieties of rice


Contracting for the delivery of crops grown in an environmentally sustainable way

without irrigation | with less nitrogen | with a lower carbon footprint


Having a secure supply of specialized grain

organic corn, soybeans, and wheat | non-GM corn and soybeans | white wheat


Knowing the origin of every grain delivery

Indigo Leverages

  • Proprietary microbiology
  • Expertise in data sciences
  • On-farm agronomists
  • Direct delivery from farmer to buyer
  • Our unique business model of contracting directly with farmers to grow crops to certain specifications

To deliver all of the above and more

Hear From a Buyer Partner

“At Grain Craft, we care about our flour — the quality, the way it’s produced, and the farmers who produce it. We are partnering with Indigo to produce traceable and sustainable flour at scale. This is a new way of doing business that’s responsive to the needs of our customers.”
Alan Koenig, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Grain Craft
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