The Indigo Promise

March 21, 2016

By Katie Czerepak

Hopefully by now you know that we here at Indigo are trying to do something extraordinary, and to accomplish extraordinary goals, you need extraordinary people. This post should tell you a little bit about our team and the culture we are building.

At Indigo, everything starts with our purpose and our values. Every day we are driven by our purpose: to harness nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. Our values, which you can read in detail HERE, were developed by the whole company and go beyond just a list of ideals; they define and guide us.

When we decide whom to bring onto our team, we think about these values, as we want everyone at Indigo to carry the passion and dedication that it will take to achieve our goals. We are proud of the extraordinary and diverse team we have in place, all united by a dedication to help farmers, provide them with tools to improve production using traditional technologies as well as alternative solutions, and ultimately make the planet a healthier place to live. Currently, of our full-time staff, we have 25 PhDs and an additional 17 Master’s Degrees. For a team of about 60 people, it should tell you a little something about our commitment to finding really talented people who have done deep research and are the best and brightest in their fields. But, it’s not just our research that sets our people apart, it’s our collective belief in setting really ambitious goals towards the purpose of creating a healthier world.  As one employee wrote in a Glassdoorreview recently: “I love my boss…he’s knowledgeable, smart, compassionate, and he gives a damn about the world.” 

So what’s it like when all of these smart, extraordinary people come together on a daily basis? It’s not just a nerd-fest (well, not usually, but we’re kind of okay with it when it is). We have an open-floor plan, very few offices, and a collaborative team spirit…although we are in the midst of our March Madness office bracket challenge, so we aren’t afraid of a little competition! Every Monday we provide lunch, followed by our All Hands meeting to share news and updates. We also sponsor regular company social events to build community.

Given our commitment to healthy food and a healthy planet, we strive to practice what we preach, and are committed to the health and wellness of our team. For office snacks, we serve fresh citrus and avocados. We bring in highly qualified speakers to discuss topics around nutrition and sustainability. We offer compelling benefits including generous vacation time, subsidies for local gyms and fitness studios, and cover the cost of public transportation. While as a company, we are striving to create a healthier planet on a grand scale, we know that it also matters what we do every day, and we are committed to being the kind of workplace that is motivating, collaborative, and healthy on a daily basis. 

As an agriculture company, some people may ask, why Boston?  Well, as a city, Boston reflects many of the characteristics of Indigo: entrepreneurial, intelligent, faith in achieving big goals (just ask any Red Sox fan).  Most importantly, Boston is a hub of talent and the home of cutting edge science and research. As a locally based company uniting agriculture, science and technology, being in Boston allows us to uniquely draw on the best minds from some of the top universities in the world. And of course, as we grow, we are excited to increase our presence in field locations (literally).

We’d love for you to get to know some of these extraordinary people at Indigo, so we’ll be highlighting them on a regular basis, right here on the blog through our Spotlight series, kicking off this month.

We are growing rapidly, and if what we’re doing excites you, check out our available positions HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!


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