A New Kind of Crop is Coming

    Join us and watch the progress unfold for our market-leading carbon program: Carbon by Indigo.

    What if one of the most in-demand crops in agriculture is one you can’t actually see?

    The highest level of scientific rigor and transparency is required to bring increasing value to farmers and carbon credit buyers, as well as real climate impact in the world. Carbon by Indigo is the first large-scale agricultural carbon program using protocols approved through two leading global carbon registries the Climate Action Reserve and Verra. The credits issued by this program will be registry-certified by the highest standards to be real, additional, permanent, independently verified, uniquely claimed, and with co-benefits.

    Various stakeholders, from businesses to the scientific community to farmers themselves, are coming together to realize the potential of high-quality, registry-certified carbon credits. As supply of these credits scales, so will the real climate impact and many additional beneficial outcomes, such as soil health for more productive crops,  increased biodiversity, cleaner water, and healthier ecosystems.

    Coming spring of 2022, this “new kind of crop,” referring to the scalable opportunity to grow and sell increasingly valuable, high-quality carbon credits, provides farmers with a new source of revenue that helps make agriculture more beneficial for people and the planet.

    1890s through 1990s

    Where did this all begin?

    From the Industrial Revolution on, greenhouse gases, like CO2 build in the atmosphere over time, impacting climate change.
    1990s through 2019

    How could ag today become a part of the solution?

    The previously untapped agricultural solution begins to address the challenges of climate change.

    Could agriculture address climate change at scale?

    Farmers can sequester carbon back into their soils and abate greenhouse gas emissions through regenerative farming practices such as planting cover crops or reducing tillage – and should be paid to do so.

    In 2019, we helped draw the world’s attention to this opportunity and introduced Carbon by Indigo: a program that provides verified, nature-based credits to companies while supporting farmers in their transition towards more beneficial agriculture.

    Farmers have enrolled 3.7 million acres into the program with a growing cohort of leading companies supporting their efforts, representing one of the most immediate, affordable, and scaled approaches there is to addressing climate change.


    Can farmers become more profitable through carbon farming?

    Growers begin carbon farming in earnest, indicating millions of acres of interest.

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    How do we ensure this effort is regulated by rigor and science?

    Carbon farming protocols are approved* through two leading global carbon registries – the Climate Action Reserve and Verra – unlocking the unprecedented value of high-quality carbon credits.

    Learn about the science

    October 2020

    Who will back the effort to catalyze carbon farming?

    A group of initial companies commit to making change with a long-term investment.

    Support the effort

    Who will lead the way to produce this new carbon crop at scale?

    267 farmers are pre-paid as part of the first scalable ag carbon farming program. Initial grower payments are released based on submitted data, and the verification process begins.

    Learn about this milestone

    And soon, the first crop of high-quality credits will be issued, an unprecedented sustainability accomplishment for farmers, carbon buyers, and the planet. After that milestone, one of the world's most immediate and scalable climate change solutions repeats its cycle with the sowing of the next carbon crop.
    A new kind of crop is coming.

    “Indigo has given us the opportunity and support to improve our land and our income. As the carbon credit market expands, our income can keep growing with increasing carbon prices and our increasing carbon impact, because we're not just getting paid for our practice changes. We're getting paid top dollar for what we're accomplishing. We’re only getting started, and the income potential is a huge incentive for us to expand these practices.”

    Chris Lehe, Farmer in Brookston, IN with 4k acres enrolled in Carbon by Indigo

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    *Reserve protocol development includes multi-stakeholders workgroups in a public process and protocols are approved by the organization’s Board of Directors.