Advancing Agriculture to Address Climate Change

There's a scalable climate solution where farmers are the heroes. It’s backed by technology, driven by innovation, and supports sustainability across the supply chain. It will differentiate your environmental and social good strategy.

Invest in the Farming We Need

By adopting beneficial practices, farmers can draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide, locking it in and enriching their soil. Your brand can directly support the farmers starting to act on this unique, scalable climate solution that will continue to advance with deployment and ongoing scientific collaboration.

Monitor. Quantify.
Verify. Reward.

Work is underway by Verra and the Climate Action Reserve to develop new and rigorous greenhouse gas accounting methodologies to accelerate agriculture’s potential for real, positive change.

Catalyzing Carbon Farming

Adopting practices such as cover crops and tillage reduction can improve the health of farmers’ soil, the planet, and ultimately their bottom line. By investing in Indigo Carbon, you are providing the financing to help make that possible.

Meet the Farmers

Get to know some of the thousands of farmers who have started using new beneficial practices that improve their profitability and help make agriculture a distinguished, nature-based climate solution.

Unlocking the potential of agriculture

Indigo Carbon supports farmers in their transition to more sustainable practices, delivering technological solutions and sponsor investments to accelerate soil enrichment.

Step 1

Farmers can earn additional revenue by farming carbon

Through Indigo Carbon, farmers are provided with the tools, services, and support to adopt regenerative practices such as cover crops and reduced tillage. These practices enrich their soil with carbon drawn down from the atmosphere.

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Step 2

Quality credits validated by data

Net changes in overall on-farm emissions – generated through stored carbon in the soil and reduced greenhouse gas emissions – are measured and reported by Indigo and will be verified by independent, accredited, third-party auditors.

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Step 3

We register the environmental savings

Indigo then registers the net greenhouse gas emissions reductions with Verra  and the Climate Action Reserve to create a carbon credit – an asset available to be purchased representing one tonne of carbon sequestered or emissions reduced.

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Step 4

Your company connects with the farmer’s work directly

Organizations purchase carbon credits generated directly by these farmers, which further accelerates the scale of impact.

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Step 5

Farmers and rural communities are supported

Farmers can use the additional revenue to adopt practices faster and smarter. It makes a real difference to their bottom line.

Brands are committing to agriculture

Ranging from life sciences to finance, consulting to brewing, there are companies who have made their commitment to farmers and the climate known.

“For the first year of Shopify’s Sustainability Fund, we chose to work in companies with innovative ideas that we believe have the highest potential to reverse climate change. The world needs ambitious entrepreneurs like those at Indigo Ag to continue pushing the carbon removal frontier, and chart the course for those who will follow in what is shaping up to be humanity’s most important industry yet.”

Stacy Kauk, Director, Shopify’s Sustainability Fund

Fund the change you want to see in the world

Accelerate the drawdown of carbon dioxide into agricultural soils and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by sponsoring farmers with Indigo Carbon. By investing in these farmers who have started enriching their soils with carbon, you can bring about a tangible impact to your environmental and social good strategy, while benefiting the communities that feed and fuel the world.

Ready to learn more?

We know how important your community is to you; it’s more than the place that you work. That’s why we offer carbon removal credits, allowing you to reduce the carbon footprint for your business while seeing positive change for the planet.

All figures are examples based on specific assumptions that may not be applicable to all land. A number of variables can affect outcomes on any particular land. Indigo does not guarantee any results with respect to agronomic outcomes, financial or profitability outcomes, carbon dioxide equivalents sequestered, carbon credits generated or amount or eligibility of payments with respect to any individual landowner or operator. Website for promotional purposes only. Additional terms apply.

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