Our Data Integrity Policy for Carbon by Indigo

    Your data are yours. They always have been, from the moment they were generated, on your land. You own them.

    So if you plan to use your data to start taking advantage of the growing agricultural carbon market, you should know exactly how they will be used. Here is the approach Carbon by Indigo is taking:

    Carbon by Indigo's data integrity policy is best understood in the answers to two questions. They’re the questions the program receives most often, from farmers of every region and scale.

    1. Why do you need all of these data?

    Data make a carbon credit tangible.

    They inform how much carbon you’ve sequestered or abated, so that you know how many credits you qualify for. Think of carbon as a crop itself, even if you can't see it as easily as your grain – it needs to be quantified. This is why your farm records are necessary for the Carbon by Indigo Program: information you probably have on hand, such as when and where you planted. We need to know specific management decisions that include tillage, cover cropping, and fertilizer application. Combined, these data form the foundation for a dependable carbon credit that can trade with buyers seeking high quality, trusted investments. 

    Indigo prepares the credit for the market by combining data collected through randomized soil sampling with industry leading carbon sequestration modeling methods to provide accurate, trusted measurement at a sustainable cost. Aggregating data in this model is essential for the generation, verification, and issuance of carbon credits. The more data collected, the more accurate the model becomes, providing better returns for you and more confidence to credit buyers.
    2. Who has access to my data once I share them with you?

    We recognize the importance of your agronomic information. It’s the foundation of your business. That’s why Carbon by Indigo is committed to data privacy. There are some cases where we work with third-party partners such as universities, auditors, and credit approvers to conduct research in the carbon farming space or generate carbon credits. Every third-party partner must provide your data the same protection we do. 

    Except when required by law, Indigo will never share your data with any government regulatory agency.

    We also wanted to be sure our data integrity policy was vetted by an independent agency – the best in the agriculture technology industry. That’s why we are excited to share that our Carbon by Indigo data practices have been certified by Ag Data Transparent. Their guidelines for collecting, analyzing, storing, and using grower data, The Privacy & Security Principles for Farm Data, are an important benchmark in this space. We are proud to be Ag Data Transparent (ADT)-certified along the likes of other ag companies, such as John Deere and Nutrien Ag Solutions.

    Want to learn more about the data we need? Or ask specifics about our data standards?


    This company has been evaluated for transparency and compliance with the agricultural industry’s Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data.
    The results of the evaluation can be found by clicking on the “Ag Data Transparent” seal.