Increase income by reducing tillage or planting cover crops​

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Are you considering implementing new beneficial farming practices like planting cover crops or reducing tillage?​

These practices not only boost organic matter, but they can generate verified carbon credits that give you an extra source of income. ​

Indigo Carbon 2021 is open for enrollment to growers who are adding new carbon farming practices. For every field submitted to Indigo Carbon in 2021, you're guaranteed a minimum of $10 per verified credit. All you have to do is document practice changes using our web platform and continue those practices in future seasons. We'll calculate, verify, and sell the carbon credits for you, and then send you a check.

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“Working with Indigo, I hope to get more farmers to grow with a regenerative approach and improve the health of our global agricultural soils. Soil health, to me, is the main driver for our farm and its success.”

Rick Clark, Indiana

Subject to the terms of your Indigo Carbon contract. Rate for future years may decrease and result in material reduction in future payment rates. Payment is subject to multi-year vesting and continued compliance with program rules.