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    The Grain Marketing Tools to Keep in Your Digital Toolkit 

    By Brandon Bruggeman, North America Commercial Trade Lead   

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    Now, Farmers and Grain Buyers can Transact Directly on Marketplace

    What makes for a valuable, open marketplace? The ability to conduct business easily, with confidence, and at a moment’s notice with the people you want to conduct business...

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    4 Easy Steps to Get the Best Cash Grain Bid

    By Rodney Connor, Head of Offering Product Strategy, Marketplace Although cash grain bids show a certain price today, the farmer won’t get that price when it’s all said and...

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    Why We Launched Indigo Marketplace™

    The system by which we grow and distribute grain is well over a hundred years old. In the early 1900s, with significant urban migration, came the need for an efficient way to...

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