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    Farmers Benefit from New Technologies

    By Barry Knight Farmers face a profitability challenge. Most people don’t think that farmers make much money. It’s true – farming’s margins are slim. Yet revenues from crops...

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    Indigo Innovation: A Model of Continuous Improvement

    By David Perry Today, we are sharing the data from the commercial launch of our first product, Indigo™ Cotton. I’m pleased to report that the commercial data indicate that...

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    Introducing Indigo’s First Commercial Product: Improving Cotton’s Water Use Efficiency for a Water Constrained World

    By David Perry Growing up in Arkansas, we knew where our water came from. A plastic pipe allowed water to gravity flow from a nearby spring to a concrete water tank next to...

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    The Economics of Farming

    By Rachel Raymond The business of farming has always been synonymous with significant risk. Farmers’ basic business model involves a significant upfront investment in land...

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