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The 2021 harvest is here.

How’s the crop looking? Read Indigo’s September market report for the latest in ag intelligence, including corn and soybean production updates.
  • A 670 million bushel gap for corn. Even with the USDA’s stunning 4.9 bushel per acre downward revision last month, Indigo’s national corn yield forecast still stayed below the agency by 386 million bushels. That gap has grown another 74% in the past four weeks, due to our now lower yield estimates, and the USDA’s 1.7 bushel per acre upward revision in yield estimates since last month.
  • A 130 million bushel gap for beans. While smaller than the corn production gap, the difference between Indigo’s soybean estimates and the USDA’s estimates has grown 44% since last month. The USDA is forecasting the second highest yield of the last ten years, while Indigo is only forecasting the fifth highest yield.
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